Roses 🌹

Roses in my heart.

Roses in the air.

Roses, Roses, everywhere.

Roses around my skin.

Roses through my hair.

Roses, Roses, everywhere.

Roses on my mind.

Roses going down my spine.

Roses, Roses everywhere.

Roses scent as I inhale.

Roses thorns that I can feel.

Roses, Roses everywhere.

Roses on my heart.

Roses in the air.

Roses, Roses everywhere.

My forever

Do you know how much I love you

Do you even know much I cry

You just keep making me feel good

The way I feel inside

Because you’re my one and only

The only one on my mind

You’re my forever

The love of my life

The beginning.

Everything was going good,

nothing seemed to out of the ordinary.

Then it started all over again.

It came without an invitation,

without an explanation

and certainly without an apology.

So here we are.

It’s only the beginning