First blog post


It’s never easy for me09C16E10-9C64-42A0-B763-16B0FC5F3223

It just gets worse,

it then starts to make me feel

some type of way.

It happens all the time.

It surprises me out of nowhere.

It destroys me at once.

Then it disappears.


This past Friday, January 24 2020 I joined a movement. A healthy movement.  Right here in my City “!!!!

I was hyped up!! Finally a chance for me to really get involved in the community and on top of it all , TO promote HEALth Awareness.

“Paterson is on the move!!!” was being chanted loudly and proudly as I walked along among the with mayor, and many patersonians.    Paterson is making healthy moves spreading awareness but also taking action.

Alongside the mayor was a young man who changed his lifestyle by making better healthy decisions and a dedication to living a healthy and positive life.    the mayor of Paterson introduced the city


2076EBC0-3A38-4D72-96D2-DEF9D1D4801EHe also inspired me throughout his journey by motivating me to DRInk WATER, and how making better eating decisions is very important to live a long and healthy life.

Everyone was amazed on how he can do a handstand on command!! It was inspiring and motivating to see.


Paterson  needs more motivators like Paterson’s Handstand  Man !!! We can only lead others by showing others By our own personal experiences.

Ironically After the walk I had to go for my infusion for my MS.   Once a month  during these infusions I begin to remember the pain all over again, But I will fight this battle with MS and I want to live a better life with Multiple Sclerosis.  I want others to know that pain makes us stronger!!! Even-though,  it’s going to be a lot of work, I know it’s going to be worth it!!


1CA81952-EBB8-4670-AB75-EBA99DAC6870In the summer of June’98  I started to smoke cigarettes.

when I was 15 years old, back then I thought at that age I was old enough -cool enough to smoke.  It was everywhere and mostly everyone around me smoked. How did I know that cigarettes was the worst thing I had ever did.

November 2011 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
you would think I had given up smoking but I continued to smoke cigarettes.

June 24, 2017 the day before my birthday and the day of my cousin’s wedding was the last time I smoked a cigarette.

My cousin had the whole party wish me Happy Birthday and I missed it. I had stepped out the party to have a cigarette.  I will never forget my son’s face When  he found me outside smoking.

From that day I told 
That I would never 
miss another moment in my life for a cigarette.

It’s been 945 days since June 24 2017.

I promised myself, God, and my family that I would never smoke cigarettes or e/cigs, or vape -none of that.

i haven’t smoked sine then.


Silent Sunday, why are you here?

We didn’t invite you, its not fair.

Turn down the sun.

Please make it disappear.

We didn’t invite you,

So why are you here?1F29C2E6-5ADF-400E-A55E-51E165DC8AB3.jpeg