Roses 🌹

Roses in my heart.

Roses in the air.

Roses, Roses, everywhere.

Roses around my skin.

Roses through my hair.

Roses, Roses, everywhere.

Roses on my mind.

Roses going down my spine.

Roses, Roses everywhere.

Roses scent as I inhale.

Roses thorns that I can feel.

Roses, Roses everywhere.

Roses on my heart.

Roses in the air.

Roses, Roses everywhere.


As I start to dance

The energy gets lost

And I start to slip away

How can survive

This life keeps hurting me this way

Is it right

To not make me sleep at night

And beg for the pain to go away

But you always know

You always seem to feel

Then the music starts to fade.

Stay with me

You say you don’t want me anymore

You say to leave you alone

But I don’t want to see you go

No I don’t want to be alone

I just want you here with me

So baby please don’t go

Just stay with me and don’t leave

I could live without you

But it will kill me slowly

To know your not with me like before

Like the way we used to be

But it will kill me slowly.

Could you Be

All the fear that I hold deep inside,

All the pain that keeps me alive,

All the tears I cry at night.

You don’t know and you never will,

But the truth,is I hope that you feel what I feel all the time

Could you be all that I need

All that I want to kiss goodnight

Could you be the one who needs me,

makes it just right.

Can’t let you go

I thought it over so many times before

never can find the words to say what in my mind

Maybe I’ll find a way to make you see

All that’s been hurting me

How many times We been down this road before

Yet we never know which way to go

You’re love is all I want

Even when it hurts the most

So I can’t let you go